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Myofascial Deep Massage

This type of massage focuses not just on the muscles but the fascia that wraps around and through the muscles like a glove on a hand. The slow strokes break down knots, release and unwind fascial adhesions, bringing increased circulation and flexibility back into those areas. This work is never pushed to a level where you would feel pain, instead it should feel like a wonderful releasing stretch.

60 min - $60/ 90 min -$90/ 2Hr - $120

Chronic Fatigue Treatment


This 90 min treatment is based on the research of Dr. Perrin in England. I use a blend of myofascial, Swedish, MLD, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, vibration and cranial sacral techniques. I focus on affecting the muscles, lymph vessels, and autonomic nervous system of the back, shoulders, neck and head. This treatment has had positive results and is part of a comprehensive approach with this disorder.

90 min - $90


Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction


Manual Lymph Drainage

MLD an advanced technique from Austria, that uses gentle, rhythmic pumping to move the lymph fluid in the direction of the lymphatic pathways. MLD can help strengthen the immune system, remove waste products, calm the nervous system and reduce pain and inflammation. The 60- and 90-min sessions will target specific locations, a full body will take 2 hours.

60 min - $60/ 90 min - $90/ 2hr - $120


Individualized Clinical Massage

No two bodies are exactly the same. Musculoskeletal misalignments, tension, stress, pain threshold, nerve health and correlating emotional affects are unique to that person. After an initial free 15min assessment, I plan your specific treatment and finish with a self-care plan for you to take home. Because this is specific work an hour will usually be focused on specific areas, a full body will take 90 min to 2 hours.

60 min - $60/ 90 min - $90/ 2 Hr - $120

Stress or trauma can cause irritation in the TMJ joint, the muscles around the jaw, into the head, neck and even the shoulders can tighten up. In this treatment I focus on releasing all the muscles outside and inside the jaw. Gloves, strict hygiene and gentleness is observed when releasing the inner jaw muscles. I use a variety of techniques to also release the muscles in the head, neck and shoulders. I educate on my findings and will give you a self-care regime to do at home as well.

60 min - $60

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